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Shaderlight Manual Activation

Shaderlight licenses are activated automatically via the internet. If your computer does not have internet access, or if you are unable to activate the license due to a firewall or other issues, you can use this form to generate your license.

Enter the information, click Submit and the license will be generated in the text box.

Activation Code  −   −   −     The 16-digit code you received via email from ArtVPS or a reseller

MachineID    Obtain your MachineID by opening SketchUp, select Plugins->Shaderlight->Activate Shaderlight, and click on the Manual Activation button to open the Manual Activation Window

Your license text will appear here

Example License

Here is what an example license looks like (the entire next paragraph):

LICENSE artvps shaderlightpro 1.1 permanent uncounted
hostid=00252d38ab14 issued=28-feb-2011 _ck=d9c6bbd290 sig="60P0450X